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HIST 4004 Topics in History--Social Science (Alexander the Great)


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Social Science

Description: After Jesus Christ, Alexander is arguably the best known figure from antiquity, but what did he do to be called "great"? What were his achievements and his legacy, what were his failings, how different was Alexander the general from Alexander the king, and why does he continue to play a prominent role in history as well as in literary and movie imagination? This course examines Alexander's reign (336-323 BC) and his military genius while on campaign in Asia and what the Greeks called "India" (modern Pakistan) chronologically. Various controversies that arise from this period, when Macedonia was the superpower of the ancient world, will then be considered thematically, including Alexander's pretensions to personal divinity, the "unity of mankind," the influence of his father Philip II, and (controversially) why he should not be called "great," in an effort to answer the above questions.