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Degree Details

The 33-hour online master of education degree with an emphasis in social studies was designed and intended for practicing teachers who have completed undergraduate teacher education programs and wish to pursue a master's degree online.

Focus courses (15 hours)

The social studies courses are primarily for classroom teachers, grades one through 12, who wish to advance their knowledge and practice of social studies while obtaining an advanced degree. This emphasis area will provide students with skills and knowledge applicable to the social studies classroom, as well as offer in-depth inquiry into issues, theory, and research in social studies education.

These courses fall within two categories: foundational courses and special topics courses. Foundational courses in social studies education offer students a basic knowledge of major teaching and learning ideas that impact the social studies today. Special topics social studies courses are designed to illuminate various aspects of practice. These courses are taught on a rotating basis (see course planner for specific details). Here is a list of the social studies focus courses offered in the Master’s online program at this time:

Social Studies courses (15 hours):

  • LTC 8790 Patterns for Instruction in SS*
  • LTC 8806 Issues in SS Classrooms*
  • LTC 8800 Secondary SS Curriculum
  • LTC 8900 Seminar-Exploration of Research in the SS
  • *Indicates a required course for the program.

Special topics courses:

  • LTC 8900 Seminar—Civic Education
  • LTC 8900 Seminar—Social Studies and Technology
  • LTC 8805 Inquiry into K-12 History and Social Science
  • LTC 8900 Seminar—Social Studies and Literacy

Core master's course work (15 hours)

The core coursework in this program include study in learning theory, instructional technology, instructional leadership, measurement and assessment, and human learning. Courses are designed to enhance the process of teaching and learning in the elementary, middle or high school classrooms.

Terminal or comprehensive project (3 hours)

Master of education candidates must complete a terminal project or summative experience at the end of the degree program. The department in which the candidate's major emphasis resides will determine the format of that experience (e.g. comprehensive exam, project, paper, presentation, portfolio or capstone experience). The candidate must be enrolled at the University during the semester in which a master's project is presented or completed.

Students may begin the program as either post-baccalaureate (formerly nondegree-seeking) or degree-seeking.

Note: This program does not provide certification in social studies, nor does it provide the initial certification required to become a teacher.


This online program was designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers who are seeking a master's degree in their content area. It does not provide social studies certification, nor does it provide the initial certification required to become a teacher.

If you are seeking Missouri initial certification, please contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Other states: Please contact the certification agency for the state in which you are seeking initial teacher certification.


The University of Missouri is accredited by the Commission on Higher Learning of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The University of Missouri College of Education is a member of the Teacher Education Accreditation Council