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Best online graduate education programs by US and News Report

The online master's of education with an emphasis in social studies education at the University of Missouri offers a balanced approach to research, theory, and practice. Our courses spark meaningful discussion about the role of social studies in today’s global world and the ways in which research and theory can inform actual classroom practice.

In this 33-hour online master's program, communities are created among faculty and classroom teachers from across the United States with the common goal of sharing ideas, resources, and insights about social studies teaching. Within this collaborative environment, qualified faculty members challenge and encourage students to question their prior assumptions about teaching and to share new ways of seeing social studies instruction.

This program does not provide certification in social studies, nor does it provide the initial certification required to become a teacher.

Karen Kirkpatrick
Master of Education '14 | North Brunswick, NJ

New Jersey educator, Karen Kirkpatrick earned her master of education in social studies from Mizzou to improve her teaching skills in the classroom, but found it also was a good fit for her time management needs as a busy mom.