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One of the first of its kind in the nation, the online respiratory therapy degree completion program allows practicing Registered Respiratory Therapists with the NBRC RRT credential*, to earn a bachelor of health sciences in respiratory therapy through 100 percent online course work. (*Canadian RRT credential accepted.)

Career opportunities

MU's curriculum was designed not only to expose students to advanced respiratory care, but also to include opportunities in sleep medicine, critical care, pulmonary rehabilitation, asthma education, smoking cessation, and evidence-based medicine and research. Students take core respiratory therapy course work online and may complete the program while working full-time in their own geographic areas.

MU graduates are employed as advanced clinicians; department directors and managers; medical equipment industry leaders and sales; clinical, academic and community educators; and in research and development; quality assurance and case management; and public health.

Alicia Reed
Bachelor of Health Sciences - Respiratory Therapy '14 | Lenox, IA

Alicia Read found her groove in the online respiratory therapy degree program by taking classes at her own pace while balancing her growing family and full-time work demands

Course planner

Respiratory therapy online courses are interactive and semester-long. Courses are based on a weekly format that includes lecture, assignments, text readings, discussions and final projects. Students can choose the most convenient times to do course work within the week, being mindful of deadlines.

The chart below shows when the courses are traditionally offered.

Upcoming courses are denoted with a red "X." For course information or to enroll in a specific course, click on the corresponding red "X."

If you experience difficulty with enrolling, contact the Mizzou Online student services adviser at 1-800-609-3727.

Required courses (25-26 credit hours)
Fall Spring Summer
F Sp Su
CDS 4480 Clinical Ethics (WI, SS not WI) (3) X   X
CDS 4500 Emergency and Disaster Management in Healthcare (1) X   X
HLTH_SCI 3900 Intro to the Research Process and Evidence-Based Medicine (WI) (3) X X  
RS_THR 4220 Community and Patient Education I (1)     X
RS_THR 4240 Pulmonary Rehabilitation (3)     X
RS_THR 4420 Pediatric Respiratory Care (3) X    
RS_THR 4820 Adult Critical Care (3)   X  
RS_THR 4660 Advanced Mechanical Ventilation Theory (3) X    
Pick one of the following:
RS_THR 4440 Organization and Administration (3) X    
CDS 3200 Essentials of Pathology (2) X   X
RS_THR 4640 Teaching Practicum (3)   X  
Fall Spring Summer
F Sp Su
RS_THR 4720 Advanced Pulmonary Function Technology (2) X   X
CDS 4840 Asthma Education (2)     X
HLTH_SCI 4400 Culture and Health Literacy for the Health Professions (3) X   X
HLTH_SCI 4420 Health Literacy and Behavioral Compliance (3) X   X
HLTH_SCI 3300 Public Health Principles and Practices (3) X X  
HLTH_SCI 4300 Health Care in the Unites States (3) X X  
PSYCH 2110 Learning, Memory and Cognition (3) X    
PSYCH 3870 Sleep and Sleep Disorders (3) (self-paced) X X X
PSYCH 4830 Psychology of Women (3) (self-paced) X X X
SOCIOL 3310 Social Psychology (3) (self-paced) X X X

Note: The University reserves the right to change or cancel courses as needed.

Degree details

  • A minimum of 120 semester credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 is required to be granted a bachelor of health sciences degree.
  • 30 of the last 36 semester hours must be completed at MU (includes courses taken through Mizzou Online).
  • Each applicant is required to fulfill the equivalent of the requirements listed under General Education and Core Curriculum on the RT Advising Worksheet prior to graduation from the RT degree completion program.
    • The University of Missouri Respiratory Therapy degree completion program allows students to complete their general education courses at their local college and transfer to MU. A MU advisor will assist in selecting the appropriate classes. For advising, please contact School of Health Professions Respiratory Therapy Degree Completion Program at
    • Transfer guides are available for many of the accredited public/private colleges, universities, and community colleges on myZou. Each guide lists the courses that will transfer to meet the MURT program's prerequisite requirements. If you do not find your school, please email the Respiratory Therapy Degree Completion Program or Student Affairs for information.
  • The student must achieve a grade of 2.0 (75%) or above in all required courses and maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average each semester.
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists pursuing the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) degree in Respiratory Therapy online are not required to complete additional clinical course work.

Admission requirements

  • As you consider a degree from the University of Missouri, make sure that you have met the program’s basic qualifications:
    • Completion of a U.S. CoARC-accredited or a Canadian Co-ARTE-accredited program in respiratory therapy
    • Credentialed by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) or the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)
    • Met the MU transfer requirements
  • Acceptance into the Respiratory Therapy degree completion program is contingent upon acceptance into the University of Missouri.

How to apply

We strongly recommend that applicants submit a copy of their unofficial transcripts for review PRIOR to applying to the program or the University of Missouri. Unofficial transcripts can be submitted to

  • Make sure you meet the MU transfer requirements.
  • Download and complete Respiratory Therapy Online Degree Completion Application.
  • Return a completed and signed application via email to or by postal mail to:
    • University of Missouri
    • Dept. of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences
    • Attn: Respiratory Therapy Degree Completion Program
    • School of Health Professions
    • 605 Lewis Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-4230
  • Request a verification letter for your official NBRC or CSRT credential to be sent to the above address. This may be obtained at or
  • Provide current copies of the following (* or Canadian equivalent):
    • BLS*
    • ACLS* (required prior to graduation from degree completion program)
    • PALS* (if applicable)
    • NRP* (if applicable)
  • Provide two (2) reference letters (one must be provided by your current RC supervisor, manager or medical director)
  • Submit a formal application to the University of Missouri.
    • Official transcripts of all completed college work from any school attended must be sent directly to the MU Admission's office. Contact your college and request that official transcripts be sent directly to MU.
  • If you have previously attended MU, complete the Former Student Request for Re-admission for Undergraduate Studies. You need to have official transcripts of all college work completed since attending MU sent to the MU Admissions Office.

Tuition and fees

For a summary of online tuition and fee information, visit MU Office of Cashiers: Fees for Distance/Online Programs. Some schools and colleges also assess additional course fees.

Financial aid

Students must be admitted to a degree program to receive financial aid. Students transferring to Mizzou from other institutions can apply for all types of financial aid, including scholarships. For more information, visit MU Student Financial Aid: Transfer Students and MU Student Financial Aid: Process.

The School of Health Professions offers several scholarships to students each year, including a few for which distance students are eligible. Learn more about these undergraduate scholarship opportunities.

In addition, Mizzou Online offers two tuition awards.

Military Award: Military/veteran students AND their spouses/children can apply this 10 percent tuition award to any online degree or graduate certificate program.

Community College Award: Missouri community college graduates qualify for a 10 percent tuition award toward an online bachelor's degree.

Important Dates

  • Transfer scholarship priority deadline - February 1
  • Mizzou FAFSA priority deadline - March 1

Contact information

Course enrollment and general questions

Mizzou Online's recruitment specialist will be happy to answer your questions about deciding if this degree program is right for you, your academic qualifications, taking individual courses as a nondegree-seeking student and any other general questions.

Learn more:

School of Health Professions

Note The University of Missouri cannot accept applications or enrollments in any online degree program or course from students with Massachusetts residency, nor in online respiratory therapy from students with North Carolina residency. Learn more about the University of Missouri's authorization to provide distance education in other states.