When it comes to faculty, few universities punch above their weight like the University of Missouri. MU students on campus and online get to study under some of the leading scholars in their given fields.

Take Ian Worthington, for example. A curator’s professor and a leading global expert on ancient history, Worthington recently received the 21st Century Corps of Discovery Award. This annual award celebrates outstanding MU professors and discoverers who inspire and bring together the university community.

Worthington has authored, edited and otherwise contributed to scores of scholarly publications. He has lent his expertise in classical antiquity to numerous media projects, including productions from the BBC and the Australian ABC Network.

His latest book, By the Spear: Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Rise and Fall of the Macedonian Empire, was recently featured in conjunction with a major exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Worthington shares his considerable knowledge with distance learners in a self-paced online course on Alexander the Great. History 4004: Topics in History – Social Science focuses on Alexander’s achievements, his life and whether he should be called “great.”

This challenging course requires serious commitment and rewards students with an in-depth understanding of the context and legacy of one of antiquity’s most influential figures. 

Want to know more about the foundations of western civilization? Learn how to enroll in History 4004 today.

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