Most Mizzou Online semester-based courses use Blackboard as the course management software system. Some academic units utilize other software platforms and instructions for accessing and using those platforms will be sent to you by your academic unit after you enroll.

Mizzou Online self-paced courses use a different learning management system and you can see a demonstration of that platform by previewing any of the 150-plus self-paced courses accessible through the Course Search feature. (Many courses in the online Bachelor of General Studies degree completion program are self-paced.)


A Blackboard course site provides you multiple resources including course materials; course calendar; student access to grades; course syllabi; lecture materials; email, chat and discussion tools; Tegrity lectures; Wimba voice tools; and more.

We strongly recommend that you complete the demo course before your online class begins. Guests who are interested in learning how Blackboard works are encourages to use the demo course as well.

To begin the Blackboard demo, go to and use the following log on information:

  • User ID: online1
  • Password: demo