University of Missouri

Textbooks for semester-based courses

Students may purchase their semester-based course materials through the The Mizzou Store. You can use our Course Search to view details about your course and textbook requirements.

Textbooks are available approximately one month prior to the course start date. Most textbooks for Mizzou Online-administered courses will be listed under the department heading “Mizzou Online.” Exceptions include: Nursing, Radiological Sciences and Respiratory Therapy.

Textbooks for self-paced courses

Textbooks for self-paced courses are purchased from the Mizzou Online Bookstore. You can purchase your new or used textbooks by completing a Textbook Order. If you wish to purchase your texts elsewhere, carefully check the textbook ISBN number.

If a textbook price has changed and the amount you sent is no longer correct, then we will issue a refund (for amounts greater than $1) or send a bill, as circumstances require.

Note: Textbooks mailed to Missouri addresses are subject to a sales tax of 3.75%.

International students

If your Mizzou Store or Mizzou Online self-paced book order is being shipped outside the continental United States, you will be contacted to discuss rates and shipping options to your location.

Repurchase of textbooks

Books for semester-based courses: The Used Book Classifieds is a great place for students to post used books they wish to sell or buy used books.

Books for self-paced courses: If you would like us to repurchase your textbooks, and you send them back in good condition, Mizzou Online will repurchase them at one-half the price you paid for them. Textbook Repurchase.