Job ID: 28946

Application Deadline: January 29, 2019

Job Description

Provide maintenance and support for Mizzou Online’s hardware and software systems. Purchase and install computer and peripheral equipment. Assist staff with hardware and software issues.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide user training and assistance for PC and Mac hardware and software. Assist students and instructors with course technical problems. Maintain and ensure functioning of exam computer lab equipment including over 50 computer stations.
  • Create queries to generate reports to specification from SQL database. Add, update and maintain data within internal databases.
  • Manage resource accounts in order to produce appropriate levels of permissions in Exchange. Manage RedBooth users and provide support. Manage Turnitin users for Mizzou Online courses. Manage mass email sent by Mizzou Online. Lead support for Zoom video teleconferencing software.
  • Requisition, receive and install new computer equipment and/or peripherals. Requisition new software and maintain licenses. Set up a wide range of computer systems from tablets to PCs per unique specification. Maintain computer equipment inventory.
  • Perform software upgrades and updates as required. Use campus computer management tools as assigned.
  • Research solutions to computer hardware and software problems and demands. Contact and work with service provider for hardware failures during warranty period of equipment for repair or replacement. Stay abreast of new technology.
  • Assist with testing of internally developed software as needed. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

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Job ID: 28319

Application Deadline: February 06, 2019

Job Description

Mizzou Online seeks a Digital Advertising Specialist to develop and implement digital advertising strategies, make approved buys and report performance metrics within program-specific and general online program recruitment campaigns. Duties include evaluating campaign performance and optimization with a constant eye toward higher conversion rates and lower cost per lead while meeting recruitment and enrollment objectives.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop strategy for multi-channel campaigns
  • Secure media buys and oversee advertising budgets
  • Research industry specific advertising/sponsorship opportunities
  • Build and manage paid search and social media campaigns for multiple industries/degree programs
  • Track performance analytics and optimize ads
  • Segment audiences as appropriate so as to increase campaign effectiveness
  • Develop and monitor A/B testing initiatives

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Top 5 reasons to work at Mizzou Online

  1. Opportunity: Online learning is booming in higher education, both nationally and here at Mizzou. Last year at Mizzou, 10 percent of students were earning their degrees and certificates online. Our office launches an average of seven new online programs every year; we are growing Mizzou’s distance portfolio faster than most institutions of our size and stature.
  2. Stability: Mizzou Online is a self-sustaining, revenue-generating unit within the University and has facilitated an online student increase of 31 percent over the last five years. Our goal is to help the University’s schools and colleges make their programs available online. Our priority is to serve as liaison for distance students who need unique types of support as they balance work and family while they study at Mizzou.
  3. Support: MU offers employees a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental and vision plans, retirement, paid time off, and educational fee discounts.
  4. Personal growth: The University provides health and wellness incentives, training programs and a staff scholarship for professional development. Mizzou Online takes pride in being an inclusive, positive, supportive environment in which team members can pursue professional growth, mentoring and leadership development.
  5. Giving back: MU provides staff many opportunities to volunteer on-campus as well as in the community. As a public, land-grant institution, MU's goal is to improve the quality of life everywhere through education and research. As a part of the Mizzou Online team, you will experience unwavering commitment to online learners who often need extra support as they balance full-time careers and families with their desire to go back to school.