• Have you taken an online course before? Did you enjoy the experience?
  • Are you considering an online course because you're curious about online studies and have room in your schedule?
  • Do you need a certain course to meet graduation or job requirements but can't fit the traditional face-to-face version into your campus schedule?

Your answers to these and other questions can help predict whether you will find online learning a good fit. Before enrolling in an online course at the University of Missouri, we recommend you read the information below about the types of courses we offer, complete the "Is online learning right for me?" questionnaire, and speak with an adviser about your options.

Distance Learning Opportunities

Students take online courses at the University of Missouri for a variety of reasons. Whether you are taking your first course while being admitted to your degree program or you are taking a few individual courses for enrichment or as part of a certificate program, we want the process to be simple. At Mizzou Online you have two options for distance education course work to meet your needs: self-paced and semester-based.

Self-paced Courses

You can enroll in our self-paced courses anytime, anywhere and work at your own pace. Choose from more than 150 self-paced courses in 40 subject areas. Enroll year-round and take up to six months (or as little as six weeks) to complete your studies. You can preview a lesson from any of our self-paced courses, including a lesson quiz. Some self-paced courses are also offered in a semester-based format (8- or 16-week formats).

Semester-based Courses

Semester-based courses are designed for the traditional university calendar, meaning there is a specified start date and end date to the course and there are assignments due at specific times throughout the semester. Fall semester typically runs from late August to mid-December; spring semester runs from late January to mid-May; and summer session is from early June through late July. Taking a semester-based course will enter you into a "virtual classroom," allowing interactive discussions with your instructor and classmates. It is important to access your online site on a regular basis to meet course requirements.