If the following statements accurately describe you, then you meet the basic technology access requirements needed to succeed in online studies. If not, you may need more help in this area before enrolling in an online course.

  • I own or have access to a computer on a daily basis (e.g., desktop, laptop, or tablet computer).
  • I can connect to the Internet with "Basic Broadband" access (i.e., download speed of 3 mbps or higher) on a daily basis.

To complete our courses, you will need access to a computer with a modern Web browser, a working Internet connection, word processing software, and disk space to save your work. Your browser should support graphics, run JavaScript, and accept cookies, which are used solely to verify your login. Portions of the courses may require Adobe Flash Player. Quality virus-protection software is recommended. This software is especially critical if you are accessing course work from a computer on a network that is not protected by regularly updated virus-protection software.

Computer Requirements

To ensure that your computer is set up and ready to begin your online course, it is recommended that you review the hardware and software requirements recommended by MU's Division of Information Technology (IT).

Hardware Suggestions

Software requirements

MU Division of IT Software Distribution

MU's licensed software is available for download by students, faculty, and staff. Students can download Symantec AntiVirus and get free virus updates while enrolled at MU. You will also find free and academically-discounted software available for personal purchase.

Internet Access Requirements

In order to take an online course at the University of Missouri, you will need Internet access. Basic Broadband access is recommended (i.e., download speed of 3 mbps or higher). You can still access Mizzou Online with dial-up Internet access, but expect lengthy download times. Likewise, if you plan to access Mizzou Online with your smartphone or tablet, access will depend on your network or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If you do not have Internet access at home or work, you will need to make arrangements for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Services vary among ISPs, so consider the cost, time you will spend online, accessibility, speed, ease of set up and components of the provider's basic service.

Limited Access to a Computer or the Internet

It is strongly suggested that you speak with an adviser if you have limited access to either a computer or the Internet before enrolling in an online course at the University of Missouri.

The following are possible ways to help you, if you find yourself without access to a computer or the Internet while you are enrolled in an online course:

Off-Campus students:

  • Call your local library to find out if they have computers and Internet access. If your library does, use and access is free.

On-Campus students:

  • Laptop checkout—Students can check out a laptop for a two-hour period at no charge using their TigerCard. Checkout locations include the Student Center, Cornell Hall, Memorial Union, Ellis Library, McDavid Hall and Engineering Library Technology Commons. The laptop may only be used in the building in which it was checked out, and the student is responsible for any loss or damages.*
  • No Internet access—MizzouWireless is provided to all MU students and Tigernet is provided to residence hall students.
    • MizzouWireless provides wireless Internet service for about 90 percent of campus, including indoor and outdoor areas. Most computers recognize StartHere-MizzouWireless, the configuration wizard to use when connecting to MizzouWireless for the first time. If not, configuration instructions are available online at help.missouri.edu.
    • Each residence hall room has TigerNet, a high-speed Ethernet connection, for each student. Remember to bring an Ethernet cable!*

    * Information provided by the Division of IT.