If the following statement accurately describes you, then you may find online study a good fit. If not, you should speak with an adviser before enrolling in an online course.

  • I do not give up easily when confronted with technology-related obstacles (e.g., Internet connection issues, difficulty with downloads, difficulty with locating information, unable to contact instructor immediately, etc.).

Problems with Your Mizzou Online Account

Contact Mizzou Online as soon as possible if you are having trouble logging into your course site. You may need to check your browser settings. See Recommended Web Browsers.

  • Be sure to set up your PawPrint ID and MU email account as soon as possible. Your PawPrint ID and password will be needed to access your online course.
  • Check your MU email account often!


Ask for help when you need it. If you have a question or comment, email or post a message within your course to your instructor and/or classmates. Remember, course instructors are not on-call 24/7; you should expect a response within 48 hours. You may also contact Mizzou Online if you are unable to communicate with your instructor.

Use the technology that is available to you. Performing a search on the Internet or consulting Help features or Frequently Asked Questions may help you resolve some of your questions.