If the following statements accurately describe you, then you meet the basic technology usage requirements needed to succeed in online studies. If not, you may need more help in this area before enrolling in an online course and should speak to an adviser.

  • I know how to use and install more than one Web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome).
  • I have basic technology skills, such as the ability to use specific applications in specific ways (e.g., email, Internet, spreadsheets and documents).
  • I can edit documents using a word processing program on my computer or online (e.g., MS Word, Pages, Google Docs or Open Office).

To complete online courses at the University of Missouri, you will need access to a computer with a modern Web browser (see recommended browsers below), a working Internet connection (preferably broadband), word processing software, and disk space to save your work.

Recommended Web Browsers

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 9 or the latest version of Firefox.
  • Mac OS: Safari 5.1 or the latest version of Firefox.

Other browsers and operating systems may work correctly with Mizzou Online tools and features; however, we are unable to guarantee that all features will work correctly with other browsers or versions of these browsers. If you experience problems with your course, you may need to experiment with different browsers.

Your browser should support graphics at a screen resolution of 800 × 600 or higher, run JavaScript (the browsers above do by default), and accept cookies, which are used solely to verify your login. The University of Missouri's online self-paced courses have been designed to be accessible to all students, including those using assistive technologies.

Download Flash Player Portions of this course may require Adobe Flash Player.

Word Processing Software

You will be required to upload documents in Word 97–2003 (.doc), .docx or Rich Text (.rtf) format. These documents can be created in Microsoft Word or another word processor application that saves in the .doc or .rtf format, such as Apple Pages or the open-source OpenOffice. Mizzou Online does not provide or support any word processing software; however, OpenOffice is available free-of-charge at the above links.

You may also need to view PDF documents as part of this course, Get Adobe Reader or Download Sumatra PDF Reader are available free-of-charge at the above links.

Downloads: Browsers and Software Updates