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3 (no graduate credit)
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12 (12 submitted)
2 proctored exams
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Provides students with practical information about exercise and physical fitness. After taking this class, students will be prepared to be physically active, understand the "Do's and Don'ts" of exercise, and know how to live a healthy way of life. As part of the course, students will assess their current level of activity/fitness, develop a plan for improvement, and put that plan into action. NEP 1340 meets Biological Sciences requirement for Gen Ed. Students enrolling in NEP 1340 must purchase the ebook solely from Mizzou Online.

Special Instructions

Meets Biological Sciences Requirement for Gen Ed

Have checkpoint dates for completion of classwork.

Required materials

1. HoegerPrinciples and Labs for Fitness & Wellness14th '18978-1-337-11287-1
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