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Credit Hours
3 (no graduate credit)
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8 (8 submitted)
Faculty Evaluated
English 1000

Investigation of religious themes in science fiction novels, short stories, and films. Themes include the nature of the sacred, the limits of human knowledge, understanding and experiencing transcendence, revelation and apocalypse.

Special Instructions

College of Arts and Science course fee.

Meets Humanities Requirement for Gen Ed

Writing Intensive Course

Note: This is a writing intensive (WI) course that has been approved by the Campus Writing Program. Students will learn about the subject through writing and revising. Therefore, all enrolled students should be prepared to manage their time so that they can complete assignments with enough time to meet their goal for completing the course.

Required materials

1. AtwoodOryx & Crake'04 Anchor978-0-385-72167-7
2. ButlerParable of the Sower'00978-0-446-67550-5
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