Full campus closure

When the entire campus is closed, which could be a late start, early closure or full day, the Mizzou Online exam center will also be closed. No exams will be proctored during the specified closure time. Student’s exam appointments will be cancelled and students will be able to reschedule, WITHOUT PENALTY, at their convenience. This cancellation will not count as the one allowable cancellation. Students who have issues rescheduling can email exams@missouri.edu for assistance when the campus reopens. Students will receive an email with this information to their official MU email account.

Partial closure: classes cancelled

This occurs when classes are cancelled but the other campus offices remain open. In this case, the Mizzou Online exam center may be open. Students will be asked to email exams@missouri.edu to confirm that appointments during the partial closure will be honored. If appointments cannot be honored, students will receive an additional notice by email to their official MU email account with further instructions.

In the event that seating is possible, students may choose one of the following options regarding their appointment:

  1. Attend at the time scheduled
  2. Attend at a different time of day (if seating allows)
  3. Reschedule at NO PENALTY to them

Students will be asked to reply to the email notification stating which option they prefer. If they do not reply, we will default to Option 3, and their appointment will be cancelled permitting them to choose a new test date.