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Courses for this program are 100% online: no campus visits are required.

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Students must take four required courses. See here for the course descriptions.

Pathway to a master's

If you complete the four-course sequence with a grade of B or better in each of the courses taken, you can apply to the master’s degree program of the department administering the certificate, without having to take the GRE. Completion of a graduate certificate program does not automatically guarantee admission into a corresponding graduate degree program.

Certificate courses taken for graduate credit may count toward a master’s degree. Students who do not have all of the prerequisite courses necessary to take the courses in the certificate program may be allowed to take “bridge” courses at either the graduate or undergraduate level to prepare for the formal certificate courses. Check with the academic department for program-specific details and requirements. Once admitted to the program, you will be given three years to complete the program so long as a B average is maintained in the courses taken.

State authorization

States require that Missouri University of Science and Technology be authorized to deliver university-level distance/online education to their residents. Each state handles this process differently.

Please see our state authorization page for more information.

  • Program authorized


Students residing in all states are eligible to enroll in this program.

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