Enrollment procedures: Self-paced 6-month max to finish courses

(6-month max to finish)

Use information below to enroll based on your student status:

Current Mizzou students

You will use myZou to enroll.

  • Use our Course Search to view details about self-paced courses, or you can search all MU courses in myZou.
  • To find self-paced courses in myZou, start in the "Student Center," then:
    • Use either "Class Search/Browse" or "Add a Class."
    • Select a term. Click "Continue."
    • Click "Search" to get to an advanced search box.
    • Use the "session" pull-down menu and scroll to the option called "Self-paced 6 month max to finish" session (near the end of the list).
    • You will need to pick a second criterion somewhere on the search page, such as the Course Subject or Course Career.
    • Click "Search."

Keep in mind:

  • Among the features of this process is the ability for you to choose the start date for your self-paced course. You will see this option in myZou when you enroll. The start date starts your financial obligation, so we advise you to choose a start date several days after your enrollment date in case you decide to change your selection.
  • Students who are receiving financial aid, particularly a Pell Grant, should contact financial aid to ensure they are meeting deadlines and complying with other policies.
  • Approvals: Some academic units may limit students to a certain number of self-paced credit hours. If your academic unit requires advance approval to register for a self-paced course, you will need to contact them for approval. You will not be able to register in a self-paced course without their approval. View more details about approvals at: Enrollment Restrictions for Self-Paced Courses
  • Permissions: Students who do not meet prerequisite requirements will need to inquire about getting a permission number from the department offering the course.
  • Your bill for your self-paced course(s) will be viewable to you in myZou along with the rest of your student record. See more about payment options »

For more details read the self-paced 6 months max to finish enrollment FAQ.

Former Mizzou students:

If you intend to enroll in MU self-paced courses to complete an MU degree but no longer have access in myZou to enroll, please complete one of the following first:

Once you've been notified that you have been re-admitted, you will use myZou to complete your enrollment.

New students (interested in taking course(s) as nondegree-seeking)

If you already know what course you want to take, begin by completing one of the following applications for admission to the University of Missouri:

Application for nondegree undergraduate admission
Use to take an undergraduate-level university course.
Note: application links require Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or higher. You may also use the most current Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Application for post-baccalaureate admission (graduate)
Use to take a graduate-level course. Must have a bachelor's degree already from a regionally accredited institution.
Note: application links require Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or higher. You may also use the most current Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Once you have submitted your application for nondegree admission, Mizzou Online will contact you with next steps. Once you have been admitted, you will receive information on how to activate your myZou account and enroll in courses.

To access myZou for the first time, you will need your MU student PawPrint and password which you will receive after you are admitted. Visit the myZou for first-time users website for more information.

For more information details, read the self-paced enrollment FAQ.

New students seeking admission to a degree program

If you wish to enroll in courses as a degree-seeking student, you will need to apply to your program of interest. See Admissions section for information.

Textbooks for self-paced courses

You may purchase your textbooks after enrolling by visiting The Mizzou Store.

If you wish to purchase your texts elsewhere, carefully check the textbook ISBN number.

Repurchase of textbooks

If you would like to sell back your textbooks, please fill out the Sellback Form. Once The Mizzou Store receives your form, you'll receive an email with directions. You may also stop by the Textbook Desk located in the lower level of The Mizzou Store at any time to sell back your books.