eLearning December 2020 Update

December 9, 2020

Become certified in online teaching

The upcoming, six-week Online Teaching Certification Seminar begins February 1 and will be offered seven times between February and September. Other education resources, including workshops, seminars and training sessions, are also available.

Academic tool updates

Kaltura to Panopto Changeover

Beginning June 1, 2021, Panopto will replace Kaltura as the supported media streaming and storage service. Kaltura will no longer be available for use. Faculty are encouraged to switch to Panopto for video creation as soon as possible. 

Users can add media content to Kaltura until February 1, 2021, and Kaltura videos can be played throughout the Spring 2021 semester. All Kaltura videos that have been played at least once within the last two years will be copied over to the relevant campus instance of Panopto. Learn more about using Panapto with resources or register to join a workshop or help session.

Zoom cloud recording retention change

Beginning on December 22, 2020, Zoom Cloud Recordings will only be available for60 days. Recordings prior to October 23rd, 2020, will be deleted. Faculty should map their recordings to Panopto to retain them. Those recording Zoom events for purposes other than class meetings can download the cloud recordings, then save them on your computer or into Google Drive or One Drive.

Upcoming and continuing tool pilots - Spring 2021

Several academic technology pilots will take place in spring. If you are interested in participating, please email us at KeepLearning@umsystem.edu


All campuses within the University of Missouri System now have a Gradescope license for the Spring 2021 term. Gradescope makes grading more consistent through horizontal grading and dynamic rubrics. Instructors can use Gradescope in remote, hybrid and face-to-face courses for many types of assignments. You can link Canvas courses and assignments to Gradescope and sync your roster and grades using this helpful video.

Learn about their experience and how easy it is to get started at any time, or find more information about Gradescope in this blog post and in this FAQ Guide. Information on using Gradescope with Canvas is available for instructors and for students. Or, check out weekly workshops with the Gradescope team at 11 a.m. central on Thursdays.


Inscribe creates Q&A communities that allow students, faculty and staff to collaborate on questions, answers and sharing resources. Inscribe captures these interactions and makes them reusable so each generation benefits from the conversations that came before them.Learn more with our video at Teaching Tools.


Hypothesis is an open source tool that lets users highlight and annotate any webpage or PDF. It can be used with a browser extension or inside your Canvas site. Students can look up difficult words; highlight, tag and annotate words or passages; identify textual elements and broader social and historical contexts; share personal opinions on controversial topics; and more.

Looking Forward

eLearning Events Website

Early in 2021, the eLearning events website will house training opportunities, upcoming events, open Zoom office hours and more. Register for events, receive reminders and check your past event attendance history for events like Canvas and Panopto training. The website, elearningevents.umsystem.edu, is planned for launch on January 2.

One Canvas for all campuses

In fall 2021, all faculty, staff and students systemwide will use the same, unified instance of Canvas. Consolidating into one Canvas supports cross-campus enrollment and collaborative teaching while removing redundancy in academic tools, reducing licensing fees and providing a more efficient allocation of support resources. Instructors will be able to work on their Fall 2021 Canvas sites in March, and current content will be moved. 

Here to support you

Open Zoom hours continue through December 10; chat and phone lines are open and email questions can be submitted at KeepLearning@umsystem.edu. Let us know how we can help you with these last few days of the semester or preparing for the next.

Wishing you a safe and restful winter break!

UM Office of eLearning