May 2021 | SmarterProctoring, One Canvas, professional development

May 4, 2021

New proctoring platform: SmarterProctoring

We are excited to announce a new proctoring platform for the UM System: SmarterProctoring. Our partnership with Proctorio ends on June 1, and we will begin using SmarterProctoring this Summer 2021 semester and beyond. 

SmarterProctoring allows instructors to seamlessly offer online proctoring options to students, which provides more flexibility and increases student choice. The auto-proctoring option will be available at no additional cost. Student-paid options for live online proctoring through Examity and for in-person proctoring will be available through this platform, depending on your campus settings.  

We know it is a short timeline to implement this in your summer course(s) and we’re here to help! Contact us for direct assistance and support in implementing SmarterProctoring in your course, find documentation or register to attend training

One Canvas: Incompletes and Panopto

The transition to a unified Canvas structure systemwide continues. Starting this August, students will begin using the new UM System instance of Canvas (which will be branded to their campus). They will no longer have access to courses, assignments, quizzes, etc., in the previous Canvas instances. Students can save their work by following this guide before August. 


Additionally, students who have taken an Incomplete on a course in the last year should work with their instructors to finalize those grades before August if at all possible. Existing student work will not migrate to One Canvas, so any student work that needs to be saved will need to be manually downloaded, along with the gradebook. 

Panopto & Kaltura

Along with a unified Canvas account, the UM System also is providing a unified Panopto instance this Fall. You will record Panopto videos in your summer courses in the current instance. However, as you prepare your Fall 2021 courses in One Canvas, any Panopto recordings you make in the new Canvas instance will automatically be in the new unified Panopto instance. Further, in August, we will migrate all Panopto videos from the current instances into the new One Panopto for you so they are available to you.

As previously announced, we are sunsetting Kaltura. Kaltura videos are in the process of being imported into the current Panopto instance. Kaltura will no longer be available after the end of the regular summer term, and Kaltura will not be available in One Canvas.

Faculty and instructor professional development

Summer and fall sessions are available for professional development opportunities, including:

Additionally, faculty can submit online courses to be reviewed according to the 5 Pillars of Quality Course Design through the Quality Course Review process. 

Find more workshops and training opportunities on the Keep Learning website.

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