These professional development scholarships will fund attendance at one of two national distance education conferences.

Mizzou Online will fund:


Faculty teaching an online (OL) or e-learning (EL) class supported by Mizzou Online are eligible. Scholarship recipients must agree to share what they learned and how they are applying that learning to their online class(es) at the annual Celebration of Teaching, at a brown bag lunch or in an article in the CyberTeaching Report.

Note Applications must be accompanied by letters of endorsement from the applicant’s chairperson or dean.

Scholarship funds are to be applied to registration, lodging, food and transportation costs. Scholarship recipients are responsible for making their own conference registration and travel arrangements. Receipts must be presented to Mizzou Online for reimbursement.

Distance Education Conference Scholarships application

Formats in which you are willing to share what you learned: