Mizzou staff have several options for assistance with tuition:

  • Educational Assistance for MU Staff Members
  • Fee Reduction Program for Spouses and Dependents
  • Staff Advisory Council "Staff Education Award"

It's Time to Invest in Yourself!

Make the dream of finishing your degree a reality by utilizing the University's educational assistance program available to eligible staff members. By receiving 75 percent off tuition for course work at MU, staff members will find that it's now more affordable than ever to finish your degree!

  • To receive this benefit, the employee must complete and sign the educational assistance authorization form.
  • Submit the form to your immediate supervisor for approval.
  • Note: Documentation is required for courses required by the department when the employee has not completed six months of employment.
  • HRS accepts electronic approvals for educational assistance forms. Employees may complete the form and forward to their supervisor and/or fiscal officer as an attachment. Approved forms may be forwarded to umbenefitsedu@missouri.edu. HRS will not accept forms directly from employees via email. Hard copies may be taken in person or mailed to HRS at 1095 Virginia Avenue, Room 101, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211.
  • Note: It is up to the department to ensure that correct approvals are on the form.
  • HRS will verify and approve the request if appropriate, and then forward it to the Cashiers Office at 15 Jesse Hall.
  • Apply for admission to the University of Missouri.
  • Register for classes
  • Note: Six educational assistance hours are available for fall (Aug. through Dec.) and spring (Jan. through May) semesters; three hours of educational assistance are available for the summer session.
  • More information about educational assistance can be found in the UM System Staff Handbook and HR policies:

    Fee Reduction for Spouses and Dependents

    A fifty percent tuition reduction is available for an eligible spouse or an eligible dependent child of eligible employees for up to 140 hours of University of Missouri college credit courses per spouse or dependent child. For all courses (undergraduate, graduate or professional), the rate of such fee reduction is based on the current tuition charged to a resident student for undergraduate courses.

    • To be eligible, a member of your family must be currently employed as a benefit eligible employee with the University of Missouri with five years of continuous full-time service immediately prior to the first day of the semester or session in which the spouse/dependent is enrolled. If the employee separates from the University, the spouse/dependent may complete the semester in which enrolled.
    • An eligible spouse is the legal spouse of an employee, excluding a divorced spouse or a spouse separated from the employee by contract or decree. (Employees eligible for the Educational Assistance Program are excluded from this program.)
    • The form is available for download at the UM System benefits site. (Note that the link to the form is at the bottom of the page.)
    • FAQs on the tuition reduction for spouses and dependents

    Staff Advisory Council "Staff Education Award"

    The MU Staff Advisory Council Education Endowment Award is intended to assist in personal and professional development through providing funding for classes/courses at local higher education institutions. See the MU Staff Advisory Council site for eligibility requirements and procedures for applying.