You may request an exam from your online course. It is your responsibility to schedule your exams, so allow enough time (generally 7�10 business days) for Mizzou Online to receive your request and prepare copies for your chosen exam site. Mizzou has approved exam sites throughout the United States and around the world. However, if you live in Columbia, Missouri, you must take your exams in the 10 Heinkel Building campus office in Columbia.

Expedited Exam Shipping

If you are under a time constraint and your exam is being mailed, please contact Mizzou Online for suggestions to expedite the delivery and/or return of your exams, including UPS. Paying for UPS shipping does not speed the processing of a transaction, only the delivery. Please contact Mizzou Online at 573-882-2491 for suggestions or rates.

Consider the following when scheduling your self-paced exams:

  • A minimum of 6 weeks must elapse between the submission of the first assignment and the scheduling of the final exam. You may not complete a self-paced course in less than 6 weeks.
  • Exams must be taken in sequence, and there must be at least a one-week interval between each exam in the course.
  • If the assignment preceding your exam is faculty evaluated, you are required to wait either for your score or for 5 business days before completing the exam.
  • It is recommended that you do not submit assignments following the Midterm Exam until you have received your grade for that exam.

Other considerations when taking the exam at a location other than Mizzou Online:

  • Relatives may not proctor an exam, regardless of their academic qualifications.
  • Mizzou Online reserves the right to approve or reject proposed exam proctors or exam locations at any time.
  • You are responsible for scheduling a testing time with your selected site and for any accrued proctor fees.
  • 8-week courses: for logistical reasons, students in 8-week classes must utilize a test site within the continental U.S.
  • Students should take exams promptly after they arrive at the test site or exams will be returned untaken to Mizzou Online by the proctor. Exams must be taken and returned so that they reach Mizzou Online no later than the student's course end date.
  • The final exam may be scheduled once you have submitted all required lessons and previous exams.