Undergraduate student ambassadors

If you are considering pursuing your undergraduate education online at Mizzou, our student ambassadors are here to help. The ambassadors are current students or recent graduates that can give a window into the process of admission and taking courses through Mizzou Online. Our ambassadors can answer questions about how transfer credit works, applying for financial aid, how to see what courses are included in your program and more.

Email the ambassadors at onlinementor@missouri.edu

Meet the ambassadors

Mercedes Tucker

Bachelor of health science `18

Location: St. Louis, MO

Profession: I’m currently employed as a research associate at a busy health care executive search firm.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading, laughing and hanging out with my boyfriend and our two hilariously dramatic Basset Hounds.

“My academic journey has been just that — a journey! I originally attended college immediately after high school. Due to a degree change and life circumstances, I didn't finish my degree until later in life. However, I do believe that having both the experience of being a traditional and non-traditional adult learner enables me to understand the pressures facing both types of students, especially those that are juggling full-time jobs and/or health issues. Mizzou was the place I was finally able to finish my childhood goal of having a meaningful, in-demand degree. I would love to help anyone learn more about what they can do with an undergraduate degree to reach their own personal goals and dreams.”

Jennifer Bristow

Bachelor of science in human development and family science `19

Location: Wichita, KS

Profession: Preschool teacher

Hobbies: I enjoy painting, crafting, playing the violin and spending time with my pet turtles.

“I chose Mizzou in order to be a part of a university that I have loved for a very long time and that I feel will best prepare me, not only for my future career path, but for life in general. The core values of the University of Missouri (respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence) are ideals that I feel are important to instill in children from a young age in order for them to grow into well-rounded and successful individuals. From the moment that I was accepted, I have felt like a part of the Mizzou family and I cannot wait to help you learn more about it!”

Become an ambassador

Are you a current online student in an undergraduate program at Mizzou? Do you enjoy communicating via email? Are you eager to share more about your experience with others? If yes, you would make a great candidate for our ambassador program! To apply, send an email to Moisés, our enrollment counselor.

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