Recording a Panopto video for a Canvas discussion forum

Communicating in your course Panopto

  1. Go to the discussion forum that your instructor has created. Click Reply (See Fig. 1).red arrow pointing to the reply link in the discussion forum
    Figure 1: Replying in a discussion board
  2. You will see a blank text editor. Click on the text box and then click the Panopto icon from the toolbar menu (See Fig. 2).red arrow pointing to the panopto icon in the discussion forum
    Figure 2: Accessing Panopto in the discussion board text box
  3. A window will open up. By default, you would see on the dropdown list at the top as Everything. Click that folder name and you will expand the folder dropdown menu (See Fig. 3). 
  4. You can choose to record in your personal My Folder or your course's assignment folder if your instructor has set it up. It will have [assignment] in its folder name and it will be located in a folder with the same name as the Canvas box indication the panopto assignment folderFigure 3: Accessing the course assignment folder
  5. Once the assignment folder is selected, and you will see three options: Choose, Upload and Record (See Fig. 4).red arrows indication the upload and record links
    Figure 4: Assignment folder options
    1. Choose – If you have existing videos you can choose from the list that appears. If there’s none, it means you do not have existing videos in Panopto.
    2. Upload – If you have already recorded a video and it is saved in your computer, you can click Upload and you will be prompted to locate a video recording saved on your computer. Follow the prompts until your uploaded video shows up.
    3. Record – If you need to record a video from scratch, click Record. Provide a name for the video, and choose Panopto for Windows/Mac or Panopto Capture.
      • Panopto for Windows/Mac – This option requires that the Panopto Recorder software is installed on your device. If you have already installed it previously, you can click Launch App. If you have not installed the application yet, you need to click the Download link and install the application on your computer.
      • Panopto Capture – This option does not require the software installation and will just run in your browser. The option does not keep a local copy of your recording on your computer. If your recording stops midway due to a technical issue, you would have to re-record again.
  6. Once you have uploaded or recorded your video, you can close the Panopto window. Your video should now be displaying in the discussion reply that was previously empty (See Fig. 5). It may show a message that says that the video will be available soon/is being processed. Once it is done processing, the video will be box around the panopto video in the discussion board
    Figure 5: Viewing a Panopto video in the discussion board
  7. Click Post Reply.