Creating and Uploading Panopto Videos to Canvas from your Personal Folder

Communicating in your course Panopto

  1. Access Panopto in your browser.
  2. Select Umsystem Canvas from the dropdown box. 
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. Enter your Umsystem Single Sign On (SSO) username and password and click Login.
  5. Click the green Create button at the top of the page (See, Fig. 1).
    panopto window showing the create button
    Figure 1: Panopto Create button
  6. Select Record for Windows or Record for Mac.
  7. If necessary, install the Panopto application on your computer using the provided installers. Once installed, click Launch Panopto.
  8. Consult the appropriate guide for directions on using the Panopto recorder application
    Recording with Panopto for Windows Overview
    Basic Recording with Panopto for Mac
  9. Once the video is complete, return to Panopto.
  10. Click the Share button by hovering over your video (See, Fig. 2).
    panopto recording settingsFigure 2: Sharing a Panopto video
  11. Confirm that the Who has access field is set to one of the following:
    Anyone at your organization with the link
    Anyone with the link
  12. Copy the link from the link field. 
  13. Paste this link into your assignment in Canvas. You will either do this in the discussion board or in an assignment.