Enrolling and paying for your Extension course

Online Learning Extension

  1. Continue on from Account Verification, or find your course in the Extension catalog, and select Pay and Enroll (See, Fig. 1).
    Payment page for MU Extension Courses
    Figure 1: Pay for your extension course
  2. Complete all the standard payment information and select Continue (See, Fig. 2).Payment interface for credit card payments
    Figure 2: Entering in your payment information
  3. You’re enrolled (See, Fig. 3)!  You can now go to your Canvas Dashboard or return to Catalog.
    MU Extension enrollment verification screen
    Figure 3: Enrollment confirmation
  4. If you chose to return to Catalog, you’ll note the course has been added to your In Progress tab on your student dashboard. Select Go To Course after the start date has passed (See, Fig. 4).
    Canvas Catalog entry for In Progress course, with start date and Begin Course buttons highlighted
    Figure 4: Accessing your extension course
  5. Your first time in Canvas, you’ll be asked to agree to the acceptable use policy by checking the box and then Submit (See, Fig. 5).Acceptable Use Policy notification
    Figure 5: Agreeing to the acceptable use policy
  6. You’re now in your course! You can also access your Canvas course later.