Current Mizzou Students

Enroll through myZou according to your enrollment appointment time if:

  • you are an undergraduate student who was enrolled at MU in the spring semester OR
  • you are a graduate student who was enrolled spring or the previous fall

To find summer session online courses:

  1. Browse the list of courses on the previous page; click on the name of the course you want to take. Note: there is an enrollment "how-to" link on this page.
  2. Note the five-digit class number for the course you want to take; then
  3. Visit myZou and type that class number into the search box and then follow the prompts to add that course to your summer schedule.

Note: Another way to find a list of self-paced online courses is to check the open entry/exit classes only.

  • Select "Self-paced 6mnth max to finish"


Some semester-based courses have in-person proctored exams. For logistical reasons, students in 8-week classes must utilize testing sites within the continental United States. Review the details for the course you want to take to determine if it requires proctored exams.

Some self-paced online courses require in-person proctored exams.

Students from other colleges/universities

If the course you wish to enroll in has a prerequisite, please submit a copy of your transcript – which can be an unofficial copy – from the institution where you completed the prerequisite. The transcript must include the name of the school, your name and that you have successfully completed the prerequisite.

Application for non-degree admission

Use to take an undergraduate-level course.

Application for post-baccalaureate admission

Use to take a graduate-level course. Must have a bachelor's degree already from a regionally accredited institution.

Note: application links work best in Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or 9; see other compatible browsers.

Fees are determined by the Board of Curators in April or May of each year. Fees for summer 2019 have not been determined. Fee information is at