Online Stripes | Episode 22 | Getting your degree while on the move

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Are you interested in getting a degree, but concerned about how you can do it if you’re traveling or on the road? On this episode of Online Stripes, hear from two students  — Emily Tobias who travels, and Ben Coe, who’s in the military— and how Mizzou Online has been there for them — wherever they may be in the world.

Are you currently working a full-time job? Have late night or early morning shifts? Or maybe traveling for work? One of the wonderful things about getting your degree at Mizzou online is that it allows you the flexibility you need while working wherever you are in the world — even if you’re constantly on the move. 

Ben Coe is a captain in the Air Force Reserve. He serves in the 932nd medical squadron as an emergency room nurse there as well. He first came to Mizzou years ago as a freshman, wanting to be a doctor.

Coe: "I wanted to go to med school and have my MD and I started working in this ER and I saw the interactions between doctors and patients and I saw the interactions between nurses and patients and I just knew. I'm like, if I go into medicine that's the route I want to take."

Not only does Ben love patient care — but he also loves to teach— so he made the decision to go back to school to get a teaching degree.

Coe: "I definitely want to move into academia and not only still be able to pick up shifts as a bedside nurse but I really want to be able to teach and be able to bring about our next generation of nurses and get more nurses out here to the bedside."

Ben found that an online program fit in with his busy schedule as an overnight nurse.

Coe: "If I was in a traditional sit-down class program, I wouldn't be able to do that but if I can log in at any time that's comfortable for me and do my work... It's been a nice realization."

But because Ben is in the military, there is the possibility that he will suddenly be called to duty — and need to travel, on a moment's notice, to another part of the world. 

Coe: "I'm not always going to be here. There's always that potential that I could be deployed and it's one of the great things about this online program, anywhere I've got an internet connection, I've got class. It's been great having the ability to take school with me wherever I go."

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Emily Tobias also decided to go back to school after a few years of nursing experience to study for her doctorate — and turned to Mizzou.     

Tobias: "Definitely, the number one strength of the DNP program is the flexibility. A year into the DNP program, I made a big life decision to become a travel nurse. So I was nervous about continuing my degree at Mizzou while traveling to different states in the country."

But no worries. While Emily traveled to Alaska, California, and Washington, she was still able to continue working towards her degree. 

Tobias: "I took less classes sometimes but, the point was, I was able to continue working on it and, if I hadn't been able to do that, I'm not sure that I would have continued in the program, so it allowed me to continue with my life while continuing my degree."

Although Ben and Emily are both interested in different nursing specialties, they have one thing in common — they both are thankful to the Sinclair School of Nursing for helping to advance their careers — and have the comfort of knowing that wherever they are in the world, Mizzou Online will be there, too.

Tobias: "My advice to a prospective student would be to go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Nursing is growing and they need us, our work, so it's important."

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