Lila Kertz | Doctor of nursing practice ’20, UMSL

Lila Kertz

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"In the DNP program, there were certainly a multitude of students with different backgrounds. I was one of the older students with many years of practice experience. Some hadn't been in practice very long. Most of us had family responsibilities and other obligations. The faculty really respected our busy lives. They understood that some of us might be doing work at midnight. That's an advantage to an online program."

"Online education is really enriching. It attracts a variety of people with different backgrounds. Once they graduate, they will contribute in different ways. One of my good friends from the program is looking for a new job. Expanding my professional network through the program means, even today, we continue to help each other."

"For me, the DNP program allowed me to have a better understanding of leadership, policy and the more complex, thought-provoking issues that go along with the world of nursing. Education is extremely important and integral to what we do and how we operate. A health care team needs to be unafraid to ask questions, so we can find the right answers."

"It's extremely important to be involved in education. When seeing patients, I'm educating. That's part of my job. So to understand how to do it, how to do it efficiently, how to do it effectively, how to be able to talk to people, listen to people and make decisions together is huge. This new degree really affirmed my approach."

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