Some students are immediately giving their careers an upgrade after graduating from an online Mizzou program. On this episode of Online Stripes, you’ll meet the students and we’ll share what they’re studying that’s making them stand out amongst the crowd.

Is your career at a standstill? You can get your degree online at Mizzou in a field that’ll open up new doors for your career.

That’s what’s happening to graduates of the data science and analytics program. With our online master’s degree and graduate certificate, big opportunities have come their way.

Renee Henderson graduated with her master's. She says, “I know there are probably a lot of people like me that are looking into this program and thinking, can I do it? I would say the faculty made this really accessible to us.”

So what happened after she got her degree? Renee says, “Upon graduation, the DSA program allowed me to easily transition into a full-time role at the University of Missouri in enrollment research. I was immediately able to jump in and provide support to the growth of the institution.”

If you’re wondering how these students are getting such an advantage after graduation, student Jacky Zhao says, “There is the Industry Advisory board composed of CTOs, VPs, and other executives at top data-driven companies. They tell us what they value most and our faculty teach us to satisfy industry needs.”

Our program can give you real-world experience so you can solve industry, academic, business, and decision-making challenges. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your career — no matter what that is.

Eileen Joyce has been in journalism for 18 years. She decided to get her master’s in data science and analytics because she says, “There is an abundance of data and no one knows what to do with it. I’m learning how to handle these big data sets and sort them out. She says, the 'knowledge of data is widely applicable across a bunch of industries.'”

That means you’re not just taking on big data. You’re taking on big companies and building their value. 

Mizzou Online wants to help you elevate your career, regardless of what you want to study. Pick from more than 150 online degree and certificate options. We’ll be there from enrollment to commencement and beyond.

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