COLUMBIA, Mo. — Mizzou Online degrees let you learn from researchers who are pioneering best practices in their fields. One such scholar is University of Missouri School of Social Work associate professor Aaron Thompson.

Thompson leads a team of MU researchers that has received nearly $3.5 million from the U.S. Department of Education for an intervention in promoting social and emotional skills for students.

The intervention, Self-Monitoring Training and Regulation Strategy (STARS), is a self-management and mindfulness skills program for fifth-grade students who regularly display disruptive and challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Thompson has also taught Evaluative Research in Clinical Social Work Practice, one course in the online master of social work degree offered through Mizzou Online.

"Kids who present behavior problems often have academic problems, and kids who have academic problems often present behavior problems," Thompson said. "We need to attend to both the academic and social-emotional development of students if we are to help them succeed in school and life beyond."

Thompson's collaborators are faculty in the MU College of Education, which also offers online graduate programs.

Read the full story here: Researchers Receive $3.5 Million to Improve Students' Classroom Behaviors, Study Connection to Academic Performance.

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