We’re tremendously proud of our graduates from all over the world – and all they’ve achieved. On this episode of Online Stripes, meet one of them — Dr. Katie Murray, a Urologic Oncologist, who since graduating from Mizzou has gone on to accomplish great things.

At Mizzou, we’re tremendously proud of our graduates from all over the world — and all they’ve gone on to achieve after they received their degrees. Whatever their course of study, whatever their aspirations, we love hearing about their personal career victories, even years after leaving Mizzou. Among our thousands of success stories is Dr. Katie Murray. Not only is she now a female urologist in a specialty dominated by men, but she also is the only urologist in the country with a master of science degree in academic medicine from Mizzou, which she earned online.     

"It is an excellent program with a wide range of courses. You can do a real focus on the research side of things and learn about grant writing and manuscript writing and publications — or you can really focus in on the educational aspect — or you can do a combination of both. That's what I did because I wanted to enhance both of those skills for me." 

After medical school and a urology residency, Dr. Murray became the first and only doctor of osteopathic medicine to be accepted into the world-renowned urological oncology 2-year fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Today she is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, as well as medical director of the Department of Urological Oncology at MU’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. She attributes much of her success to her time studying at Mizzou.

"I practice as a Urologic Oncologist but I do have a big focus on research and also have roles in mentoring and teaching students and residents— so the academic medicine program was perfect for me."

Dr. Murray now uses the mentoring skills she learned at Mizzou to advise and counsel many female medical students as they enter a male-dominated field, just as she did. She also attributes Mizzou with enhancing her writing capabilities, which are so important in her work.

"Throughout two semesters, I worked on writing a grant that I was actually able to submit and had some great results with that."

And now, every day, Dr. Murray uses the knowledge she acquired at Mizzou, in both the operating room and clinic, to benefit those who are most important in her work — her patients.

"I have lots of research questions, and questions that I want to answer that are directly related to my clinical practice. Based on, you know, the posts and the assignments that I had through class, I was able to, you know, focus in on these questions to make them much more feasible to be completed, and improve the lives of my patients ultimately."

We celebrate Dr. Katie Murray — and all our graduates, who over the years have moved on to great careers. We salute each and every one of them who have earned their online stripes — reached their goals — and achieved their dreams.

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