Do you love helping other people? You could make it your career like Stacy Brummer did. She’s an Air Force veteran who got her online degree hundreds of miles away from Mizzou. You’ll hear why Stacy chose a program that gave her the flexibility that she needs.

Do you love helping others? It’s important to love what you do, and now more than ever, that passion could change lives.

So make it your career. It could begin online with one of our programs — like a bachelor’s degree in health science. We’ll help you build a foundation in a field that’ll prepare you for whichever direction you want to go.

It’s a nonclinical degree — which is perfect for someone like Stacy Brummer, who wanted more.

“I didn’t want to just limit myself to laboratory science. I kinda wanted to explore what was out there. So that’s why I chose Mizzou’s health science program because it had many different options especially in the electives.”

Mizzou Online was also a great option for Stacy because she was in the Air Force — stationed in Vacaville, California — far away from the University of Missouri. But it doesn’t matter where you are in the world because this program is 100% online. You’ll still see some familiar names though.

“In the health science program, I met a lot of people that we wound up being in the same classes over and over again together. We were able to connect and keep in touch through this entire journey. Some of them are spread out throughout the country. There was one girl in Florida, there’s another one that’s coming in from Alaska.”

So what can Stacy and her online classmates do with this degree? After graduation, they’ll have a lot of careers to choose from.

Career paths include becoming a health educator, sales representative, healthcare IT consultant, patient representative, or a clinical data manager. But what’s the real takeaway?

“Never give up on yourself. Figure out what you want to do and never let it go because you are your biggest investment.”

Take the leap and, like Stacy, learn from anywhere with Mizzou.

“It may not happen overnight, but it’s something that if you want bad enough, you can do it.”

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