Online Stripes | Episode 27 | New online programs, new career opportunities

Sarah Swoboda, bachelor's in business administration, faces Jesse Hall on Mizzou's campus at commencement; her graduation cap reads A world of endless possibilities.

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New opportunities are waiting for you, thanks to Mizzou. On this episode of Online Stripes, we’re taking a look at the new online degrees and certificates that could set you up for success in your career.

New career opportunities are waiting for you at Mizzou. Online education is expanding! We’re launching more than 25 online programs in the fall of 2020. That means you’ll have more than 150 online degree and certificate options to choose from.

No matter what you want to study and no matter how busy your life is, we can help you reach your goals.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Latha Ramchand says, “Online e-learning has allowed us to deliver things in a way that we say, ‘You tell us what fits you best’ and we want to deliver it in that modality.”

That flexibility is one of the things that prompted us to bring more programs to students everywhere.

As Robin Harris, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Sinclair School of Nursing, says, “Ultimately, our goal is the student’s goal.”

The new programs include master’s programs in business, music education, clinical and diagnostic sciences, nursing, and school counseling. There are also graduate and undergraduate certificates launching that include global supply chain management, veterinary science, public health communication, sports analytics, investments, and assurance.

And there’s still more to come! Several MU departments are also seeking approval from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development for additional degrees and certificates launching in the spring and summer of 2021 — and beyond.

While new programs are on the way, remember that Mizzou has more online programs than any institution in the Midwest. There’s a lot to choose from. But that’s not the only thing that makes us stand out.

Robin Harris says, “One of our pillars is excellence. When you say where you graduated from, people know the kind of quality education that you get at the University of Missouri.”

And keep in mind… you might be getting your degree online, but you won’t be alone. You’ll be among more than 4,000 students earning University of Missouri degrees online. And once you graduate, it won’t be goodbye.

Like Latha Ramchand says, “We’re not just a degree-granting institution. When you graduate, that’s not the end of something. It’s the beginning of a lifelong relationship. We absolutely want you to reach out because I guarantee you we’ll be here to help.”

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