Online Stripes | Episode 26 | Nothing can stop Mizzou's graduates

Maddie Jeffrey, positive coaching and athletic leadership, stands with her diploma in her graduation cap and gown; a sign in her yard reads Mizzou Made, class of 2020.

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What’s the best thing about springtime at Mizzou? Graduation. On this episode of Online Stripes, hear about Mizzou's online 2020 commencement, and meet graduate Maddie Jeffrey, who made it to the finish line — and is on her way to making her career dreams come true.

More than 809 online Mizzou students received their degrees the weekend of May 15. Mizzou’s online graduating spring class of 2020 studied with us from all over the world — including 44 states and 6 countries — some as far away as China. And in a nod to our mantra that it’s never too late to get your degree, our graduates range in age from 21 to 70. Inspiring? You bet it is. 

It was a wonderful celebration, as campus leaders, students and faculty shared messages of congratulations on Mizzou’s social media channels — including well-known alumni like sports commentator John Anderson, actor Jon Hamm, and singer Sheryl Crow.

We are so proud of all our graduates —their many achievements, and all the wonderful things they are going to accomplish in the future after receiving their degrees from Mizzou. Each one of our Spring 2020 graduates has their own unique story to tell, including Maddie Jeffrey.

Maddie, who comes from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, just received her master’s in positive coaching and athletic leadership online. Maddie has always had a love and passion for sports — but also for psychology. After meeting a mental conditioning coach for a sports team in Florida, she realized that she could combine the two into one career. And she found the perfect place to get her master's and achieve that goal — Mizzou Online.   

Although she started the program thinking she’d become a sports psychologist, Maddie realized that she was even more interested in organizational psychology and leadership. She says, “I love helping people find the fun in life, especially in the workplace, and especially with the dynamic of mental health in today’s world.” Whether it’s dyeing their hair blue or running a marathon for the first time, her passion is helping others be their true and authentic selves.

And now that she’s received her master’s degree, Maddie is ready to do just that. But in the meantime, she says that she’s going to celebrate graduation and her great accomplishment by doing what she loves to do most: spreading joy. 

Congratulations to Maddie and every single one of our Spring 2020 graduates who have earned their Online Stripes. We’re proud of you — and we wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Onward Tigers — we can’t wait to hear you roar.

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