Nothing disrupts a healthy lifestyle like the holidays. Between the food and travel, it is easy to lose track of your health goals.

Steve Ball, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, says the key to preventing holiday weight gain is to be consistent and realistic.

“Exercise is tough enough, but throw in barriers like traveling, weather and lack of facilities, and it becomes quite easy to take a long break or quit altogether,” Ball said.

Ball has tips to help you stay on track with your exercise and fitness goals during the holidays. Read the full story here: To beat holiday weight gain, create a plan ahead of time.

Ball serves as the state fitness specialist for MU Extension and is a nationally recognized expert on fitness, wellness and body composition research. Among the courses he teaches at Mizzou is NEP 1340 Introduction to Exercise and Fitness, a self-paced, 16-week course that is 100-percent online. 

NEP 1340 provides you with practical information about exercise and physical fitness. As part of the course, students assess their current level of activity/fitness, develop a plan for improvement, and put that plan into action. 

If you want to study online to understand the do's and don'ts of exercise and how to live a healthy life, this course can help. See how you can enroll in Introduction to Exercise and Fitness today.

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