Sarah Swoboda | Bachelor of Science in Business Administration `19

Sarah Swoboda | Bachelor of Science in Business Administration `19

Enrollment in Mizzou’s online programs increased nearly 10% over last year, with more than 3,000 students taking online classes.

422 undergraduates and 2,666 graduate students are taking online classes this year through Mizzou Online, which offers 125 online degree and certificate options and more than 1,000 online courses. Mizzou offers the second-most distance degree and certificate programs in the SEC and among the public institutions in the Association of American Universities.

“There are several paths for student success at Mizzou,” said Kim Humphrey, vice provost for Enrollment Management at MU. “Through partnerships with community colleges and online learning, Mizzou is committed to ensuring that all Missourians have access to high-quality and affordable education.”

On Monday, MU announced that 5,459 freshmen began classes, an increase of 16% compared to last year. Overall enrollment at Mizzou increased approximately 1%, with a total of 29,677 students on campus.

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