A master’s degree in economics is one of the most highly sought-after degrees, thanks to high employer demand and high earning potential.

Now college graduates, mid-career professionals and others can pursue their master’s degree in economics online through a new program from the University of Missouri.

“People can take the program at their own pace,” says Vitor Trindade, an associate professor of economics at MU. “They can pursue their careers and the program at the same time.” 

The new online program is an adaption of MU’s existing residential program, which The Financial Engineer and College Choice have both ranked as one of the very best in the country.

The program is the first of its kind in the region. No campus visits are required. Students can pursue their degrees, even as they continue to work full time.

“The program is 100-percent online,” Trindade says. “Students don't have to come to campus.”

Trindade says MU’s online economics degree stands out in terms of affordability and quality. Unlike other graduate degrees in economics, Mizzou’s program only charges students in-state tuition, regardless of where they live and work.

Successful graduates

Graduates of the online study option will enjoy success similar to alumni of the on-campus program. “We've had people that have become data analysts in banks, in foundations and in health care companies,” Trindade says. “We've had a person who became a financial analyst for the Kansas City Chiefs. One person went to work for the Korean National Assembly.”

One such successful graduate is Sean McCrary, who earned his master’s in economics in 2013 and went to work at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. McCrary is now pursuing his doctorate in economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I have used the economic insights and programming skills I learned at Mizzou in my roles as a research associate at the Federal Reserve and now as a PhD student,” McCrary says.

“As either a stepping stone towards a PhD program, or as a means to make your application stand out to potential employers, the MA program provides the skills needed to advance your career,” McCrary says.

Student experience

MU’s online master’s in economics delivers a big-picture understanding of the global market. Students learn to analyze large data sets, especially those related to international trade and finance, economic development and the public sectors.

The program provides students with opportunity to conduct research under real conditions. “It's a very hands-on program,” Trindade says. “Students take a data set and analyze it to get real-world conclusions.”

MU’s Department of Economics is a vibrant, collaborative environment where students feel comfortable knocking on professors’ doors. “People talk about research a lot,” Trindade says. “Contrary to what people might think, professors love to interact with their students.”

Apply today

The online master’s program is currently accepting applications for the summer 2018 semester. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. GRE scores are not required.

Successful completion of the program requires 30 credit hours. Students can take one or two classes each semester, including summers, and finish their degree in two years.

“The schedule is flexible,” Trindade says. “If you want to get a head start and do it really fast, you have that prerogative.”

Whether you’re a fresh graduate of a bachelor’s degree program or a mid-career professional, the key factor to success in economics is an appetite for learning. 

“Be really curious,” Trindade says. “Ask a lot of questions.”

If you have questions about Mizzou’s online master’s degree in economics, visit online.missouri.edu/econ-ma.

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