As you consider your personal timeline for going back to school, there are many things to keep in mind.

  • Does your program have application deadlines?
  • Are there prerequisite courses you would need to complete before applying?
  • Does your program of interest require a degree, certification, or licensure in order to qualify?
  • Are you intending to use financial aid? If so, you'll need to submit a FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Is a specific GPA required in order to qualify for your degree/program?
  • Does the program require that you submit GRE scores? If so, you'll need to have taken it within the last five years.
  • Are you required to provide letters of recommendation? If so, have you identified appropriate references?
  • Do you need to write a statement of purpose?
  • Have you identified the application(s) you'll need to submit?
  • Does the program require campus visits or personal interviews?

In order to determine what deadlines are relevant to you, please review the detailed information provided for your individual program of interest.