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Mizzou offers distance learners, like you, equal standing as the University of Missouri's on-campus students. So, even though you may be taking classes alongside students from all over the world, you're getting the same top-notch education from MU's award-winning faculty as if you were seated together in a lecture hall. Online or on campus—together, we are one Mizzou!

Choosing a program

Some students choose to continue their education in the same academic area as their undergraduate and graduate studies, but others are looking to change careers or just switch their educational focus to a new field.

We have degree and certificate programs that fit a wide range of academic interests. You'll find our more than 80 program offerings from the University of Missouri's schools and colleges under the Degrees & Programs tab, organized both by academic level and alphabetically by study area.


We know deciding just when and how to go back to school can be a complicated decision. After you've reviewed our FAQ and Mizzou's distance offerings, contact us to discuss which program might fit your goals. We're here to help you better understand which program or courses may fit your current education situation and best serve your academic goals.


If you already know what subjects you're interested in, you may be able to get started right away, with an independent study or semester-based course. Some graduate programs allow students to take courses before being admitted into a full degree program. So you can get started as a nondegree-seeking student and later roll your completed credits into your degree plan, or use the credit to boost your cumulative GPA in preparation for admission.

Those programs that allow post-bacc course enrollment do place a limit on how much you can apply to the degree upon acceptance. Be sure to check the specifics of your program of interest before proceeding with enrollment.

Some courses are offered in a self-paced, independent learning format. You can enroll in these courses any time of the year and take between six weeks and six months to complete the work. Students arrange for proctored exams with the help of the Mizzou Online staff.

Other programs offer courses in a semester format whereby you progress through the course in a group with your classmates online. These courses tend to follow the semester calendar of the university. Students complete the course work and exams using one of several online learning platforms, such as Canvas, Sakai or Moodle.

Getting started with individual courses

If you're like many students who turn to Mizzou Online to take individual courses that either aren't available or convenient to take in their on-campus programs, we're here to make your supplemental study decisions as seamless as possible. Whether you already study at the University of Missouri or another accredited institution, we can get you the transfer credits to reach your degree goals. Simply check with your adviser about the type of credit you need, and use our Course Search feature to find the classes you want.

Note: Per federal guidelines, nondegree-seeking and post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for financial aid, such as Student loans, grants, Curators' and University of Missouri scholarships (as well as other scholarships), vocational rehabilitation and some third-party billings.