Student Health Services

The Student Health Center at the University of Missouri provides a variety of health-related services and information. The Center's website provides useful information on subjects such as nutrition and fitness, immunization and travel, and dealing with alcohol, tobacco, stress, eating disorders, and relationships. The site also includes tools such as an online self-evaluation of depression and anxiety, and a web-based class on women's health.

Distance students enrolled solely in online courses are not automatically billed the student health fee. Students who are in close proximity to campus may take advantage of services such as primary-care physician visits, in-house lab work, and a pharmacy by paying the Prepaid Health Fee through the Cashiers Office each semester. Students may also use the Student Health Center on a fee-for-service basis.

For further information on health services, contact the Student Health Center via telephone: 573-882-7481, or visit the Student Health Center's website.

Immunization Requirements

In compliance with University policy, students who enroll in a class with an instruction mode other than E-learning 100% Online (EL) or Online 80% or greater online (OL) must meet the university immunization requirements. However, students who live in university residence halls must meet immunization requirements regardless of course enrollment instruction type. Students who have not provided the appropriate documentation will have a health hold placed on their accounts. The health hold will prevent enrollment.