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Turn your big data into smart data


Using real-world examples of problem-solving, Mizzou’s online data science and analytics programs will teach you the skills needed to understand your company’s data. Coupled with hands-on experiences, this program will investigate the tools of modern data analytics, statistics, database platforms and more.

Choose your program

Mizzou offers a master’s (34 credit hours) or a 100% online graduate certificate (15 credit hours) in data science and analytics. Delivery of the master's program is blended: Students complete course work online but two campus visits are required. These visits give students the opportunity to network with peers and faculty at the yearly executive week session.

Customize your master’s degree

Tailor your degree to your area of interest. Choose from:

  • BioHealth Analytics
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Human Centered Science Design
  • Strategic Communications and Data Journalism

Apply to your career

The programs offer an in-depth, technically rigorous core curriculum that will give you:

  • Valuable training in data collection
  • Analysis and visualization techniques for persuasion
  • Effective visual skills to communicate results
  • Methods to come through and cleanse sensitive information
  • Clear understanding of ethical, real-world experiences

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Quick facts

2 years to complete

Students can finish these online programs in as little as two years.

Online course work

Course work is online; the master’s program requires two campus visits.

Competitive tuition rates

No matter where you live, you pay the same amount as those who live in Missouri.

High job growth

With employment growth rates over 11%, now is the time to move up in your career.

Earn big

Data science and analytics graduates can earn a median salary of over $110k.

What our students are saying

Stephanie Cane

Master’s in data science and analytics `18

This is something I can do as a totally non-technical person. The program has been very eye-opening and challenging in a positive way. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I really owe that to this program … to changing the entire trajectory of my life.

Eileen Joyce

Master’s in data science and analytics `18

There is an abundance of data and no one knows what to do with it. I’m learning how to handle these big data sets and sort them out. Having a knowledge of data is widely applicable across all industries.

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