Transfer students

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We will help you transfer with confidence to an online program. Through Mizzou Online, the University of Missouri offers online degrees designed to help you meet your career and educational goals.

How to get started

Choose your program of interest and fill out the form to request more information.

Review the transfer application process and the admission standards for Mizzou:

Start your application:

Transfer your credits

Once you have been admitted to Mizzou, transfer admissions evaluators will review your previously earned college credit and help you understand which courses transfer. You can also check for yourself which credits will likely transfer using the Mizzou transfer course equivalencies site.

Transfer agreements

Mizzou has formal articulation agreements with colleges and universities around the state and beyond. These agreements establish course transfer details for certain programs. You can transfer to Mizzou from a different college or university without a formal articulation agreement; use the transfer course equivalencies sites to estimate what will transfer.

Your support team

We specialize in serving students who have full-time careers, families and duties that make classroom attendance difficult. Let us know what you need and we will connect you to the right resource.

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Advising pros

Each university has staff and advisers who will work with you to choose your classes. As your dedicated online student support team, we’re here to help you with procedures and information.

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Financial aid

Your university’s financial aid office will assist you in understanding financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, loans, tuition awards and other aid programs.