Newly admitted students

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Welcome! Now that you have been admitted to a UM System university, explore the steps you’ll take to select and prepare for your program and your courses. Get familiar with the day-to-day experience and remember we’re here for you as you take a course or earn your degree/certificate.

Understand your costs

Our programs are affordable. In addition, we make sure that our online students are on top of the deadlines for receiving aid. It’s important to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form that determines your eligibility for financial aid, as soon as possible.

Enroll in a course

When you’re ready to enroll, you have a few more decisions to make. What type of course do you want to take? Which grading options do you prefer? We lay out all the info so you are confident in your decisions. You'll be able to view when courses are offered, so you can plan around your schedule with confidence. For more information, visit the current online students page.

Prepare for your courses

We’ll guide you through setting up an online classroom on your desktop or laptop. This process involves:

Plan for exams

Online students may need to take exams to complete a course. If exams are required for your course, your options will be a proctored exam or an alternative assessment determined by your instructor. 

Get support

You may be assigned an adviser or work with the Missouri Online office, depending on what university you attend and the type of program you’re enrolled in. Whatever your situation, you have many resources for help.

Looking for more resources?

The four UM System universities have gathered information that students often need so you can get help with technology and stay connected. Select your university and find more information:



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