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Whether you started college as a lion, a bluebird or a bull, you can finish as a Tiger! The University of Missouri invites you to complete your bachelor's degree with one of our convenient and flexible online programs. If you are a community college graduate, military service member or veteran, or simply left your last school without graduating, Mizzou has a place for you. Keep scrolling to read more about Mizzou's online bachelor's degrees.

Advance with Mizzou

Mizzou's online courses and degrees are developed and taught by the same faculty and instructors who teach on campus, and you'll cover the same material that on-campus students study. Finishing your degree at Mizzou — whether you study online or on campus — will put you on the fast-track to increased earnings potential and career advancement.

Transfer your credits

Once you have been admitted to Mizzou, our transfer admissions evaluators will review your previously earned college credit and help you understand which courses transfer. You can also check for yourself which credits will likely transfer using our transfer course equivalencies site. Call us at 573-882-2491 and we can help you get started.

Educational Studies (BES)
This program will prepare you for positions working with adult learners at community colleges, in workforce development programs, in human resource training departments and in continuing professional education activities.
General Studies (BGS)
Tailor your bachelor's degree to areas that interest you most in this program that lets you combine previously earned credits with new subjects of your choosing. This is a highly customizable degree program and is a great option for those who have always wanted to finish college.
Health Sciences (BHS)
Work in or want to move into health care? Finish your bachelor's degree in health sciences and be poised for a number of career moves in the rapidly expanding world of health care. Job opportunities are plentiful for our graduates whether you want to work in a non-clinical position or pursue graduate work.
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)
Combine classes from various disciplines (the ones that interest you most) and craft a bachelor's degree for yourself that will hone your written and oral communication and critical thinking skills.
Radiography (BHS)
If you are a certified radiologic technologist and have your two-year degree, this bachelor's completion option can help you move up into management or prepare you to train others.
Respiratory Therapy (BHS)
This program is for registered respiratory therapists with two-year degrees. It will prepare you to move to the next level in your health care career.
Many hospitals and clinics are actively working to increase the percentage of nurses with BSNs. Boost your own earnings potential and job security while improving your leadership skills with this degree.

I've done a lot of big things, but I've always wanted to

finish my education.

People think you can't finish unless you are there on campus, and that's not true.

You can do it from anywhere.


Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)

This was my next step after getting my associate's — to come here.

I always really wanted to be a Tiger.

I'm getting this degree to better both of our lives … and show him (Brown's son) that even with struggles,

you can make it this far.

Tiffany Brown

Bachelor of Health Science (BHS)

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Online rankings

Mizzou's online bachelor's programs were recently ranked in the top 50 nationally by U.S. News & World Report. The rankings are based on criteria including student engagement with faculty and classmates, faculty credentials; diverse online learning technologies and student services.

Every step of the way

Many of Mizzou's online bachelor's students have been out of school for years, but the staff and faculty at Mizzou are ready to help you finish your college education. Your academic advisers and Mizzou Online's dedicated student service specialists will help you every step of the way.