What is an alternate assessment?

If your instructor has chosen to administer a proctored exam using Proctorio, and you lack a stable and strong internet connection, a webcam and microphone, you need to contact your instructor about an alternative assessment.

How to request an alternate assessment.

You must first notify your instructor of your technical limitations by email. Once the instructor has approved the alternate assessment, you will go to your “request an exam” page in your self-paced course. Click continue.

The next screen will ask you to confirm you have instructor permission to use the alternate assessment. You will click proceed.

An automated email will be sent to your instructor notifying them of your intent to take the alternate assessment. Your instructor will send the alternative assessment to your MU email address, or will email you with instructions on how to access the assessment.

You will complete the assessment in the time allotted and return the assessment by email to the instructor for grading.