Payment options

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We’ll show you how to find how much you owe and how you can pay to make your deadlines and avoid any additional fees.

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Cashiers Office

At any time, if you need more details, you can visit the Cashiers Office site.

Paying for courses

If you are an online student and you have agreed to UM eConsent, you can access your bill in myZou. When you are ready to pay, you can pay online via check or credit card. You also can pay by personal check, cashier’s check or money order.

View this guide to paying your bill to learn how to set up TouchNet for billing.

Payment Plans

Students and/or authorized users must select a payment plan each semester the student is enrolled.

Third-party payment

In some cases, a sponsor, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, military branches, foreign governments or 529 prepaid plans, may pay for your education. You can have the bills sent to your sponsor.

More about how third-party payment works

If there is a change in your sponsorship status, reach out to the Cashiers Office.

Contact Mizzou's cashiers office