Refunds & fee assessments

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If you decide to leave a course for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund, but the amount you will receive depends on several factors. To begin, you will receive a refund only if you have already paid for the course. If you have not paid for the course, you will receive a reduced bill instead.

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Full refund or full fee reassessment

In general, if you wish to drop a course and are hoping for a full refund or full fee reassessment, you will need to make your decision early.

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How much to expect

The university has a fee reassessment schedule that calculates if you receive a full or partial fee reassessment based on the date you drop the course.  

University fee reassessment schedule

To receive a full refund or full fee reassessment, the window of time you have to drop depends on if your course is semester-based or self-paced.


Drop the course on or before the last day to add/change sections. Also keep in mind that the date you drop the course is determined by when your Mizzou academic area receives written notification of your decision to drop the course. The date is not based on the last day of course attendance or participation.

Special circumstances

In some cases, you may not be able to drop your courses within the time frame required for a full refund or a full fee reassessment. If you think you should receive a greater amount than what is offered based on the university refund schedule, fill out the refund appeal form and contact the Registrar with any questions.

Refund appeal form

Contact Mizzou's cashiers office