Mizzou Online community

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Transformation that lasts is change that happens together. At Mizzou Online, you will work toward your boldest dreams alongside a team of equally driven, equally brilliant classmates. You will be equipped and empowered by a family of instructors who will inspire you with their insights, challenge you with their questions and fuel your achievement by focusing on your future.

Intentional community

Even if you’re the only one in the room, you’re never learning alone. We’ve built an online learning space that fosters strong connections with your peers, your professors and the entire Mizzou Online community.

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Dedicated instructors

Your professors are deeply invested in your success. They understand the unique needs of online students, and are ready to dedicate all the time you need to thrive, from fully understanding the subject matter of your courses to navigating student life.

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Inspiring conversations

Through discussion forums — and other unique online tools — you will continually be in dialogue about everything you are learning and experiencing. The relationships you form will become more than a network of support, they will become friendships and connections that will empower your next steps long after your courses end.

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Your Mizzou Online team

We have been at the forefront of online education for a long time, and our team members know Mizzou inside and out. If you need anything, we can guide you to the right resource.


When you have earned your degree, it’s time for you, your instructors and your peers to celebrate together. You'll be invited to attend commencement on your university's campus. At the end of it all, you’ll earn your degree from Mizzou and your diploma will reflect that.


After you graduate, the support doesn’t end. Mizzou offers unique benefits and engagement opportunities for alumni.

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