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Shelby Burnworth | Civil engineering MS ‘21, Missouri S&T

Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) offers flexible 100% online graduate programs for engineering students in the civil specialty. You can choose your pathway to earn a master’s based on career interests and earn a degree from a top-ranked engineering program.

Morgan Schenck | Mining engineering MS ‘22, Missouri S&T

After earning a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, Morgan Schenck knew he wanted to earn a master’s degree right away. Instead of pursuing an MBA, he chose to combine two graduate certificates and build his own master’s program based on his interests from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Jade Piros De Carvalho | MPA '22, Mizzou

Jade Piros De Carvalho always wanted to pursue her graduate degree, but as a working professional, mom, and elected official, she thought she didn't have the time to dedicate to earning her degree...

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Find out about the student experience in top-ranked programs offered through Missouri Online.